Milk Paint Quart - Bottle Green

Milk Paint Quart - Bottle Green


Old Barn Milk Paint

Bottle Green is named for the distinctive Coke-bottle green created in the early 1900's by Root Glass Co. The turn of the century brought a booming soft drink bottling industry that left little visual distinction between products, by 1913 Coca-Cola began to seek a new bottle design that looked like nothing else on the market. They patented their new bottle design with Root Glass Co. in 1915.  It was the natural occurring minerals and copper found in the sand of the Fern Cliffs area of Putnam County, Indiana that gave the glass it's color.

One quart of milk paint powder covers approximately 75 square feet, or one large dresser, armoire, table, hutch, etc.


About Old Barn Milk Paint (OBMP)

100% Organic Milk Paint Powder

     Curated simple ingredient milk paint powder using milk, lime, earth pigments, and other natural ingredients.

     OBPM selects only the highest quality ingredients with stringent eco conscious standards. Each product contains plant based ingredients and is formulated without the need for harsh chemicals and solvents.

     OBMPs innovative, odorless Stains are taking the market by storm, as more and more people quickly realize there is no longer a need to use outdated stains with harsh chemicals and odors. OBMP has developed an entire line dedicated to omitting the need for chemicals and toxins in our lives, which means you can still do what you love and not worry about toxicity in the products you are using! 


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